Gum Protection Mouthwashes

Daily use of DENTISSIMO® Gum Protection mouthwash protects gums and teeth preventing the formation of cavities, periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis. The mouthwash effectively helps to stop bleeding gums.

Geranium Maculatum ensures astringent, hemostatic effect and helps cell renewal of oral mucosa.

A balanced combination of natural Commiphora Myrrh oil, Ratanhia and Chamomile extracts counters the proliferation of bacteria and exerts a marked soothing effect on the gums, Sage disinfects and strengthens the gums. Vitamin E helps to keep the gums healthy by reducing free radicals which promote inflammation, and thus assists the healing mechanism. Zinc Chloride well deepens into layers of the oral mucosa, where helps to counteract the progressive accumulation of bacterial plaque between teeth and gums, and has an effective anti-tartar action. Thanks to the presence of Hexetidine the mouthwash is a valuable aid in the control of halitosis.

Contains no colouring agents, does not stain your teeth.


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